FSU students offer financial advice as consumer prices rise

Lucky's Market, a high-quality grocery store that offers local fresh produce, a deli, and craft sandwiches, opened it's doors at 1964 W Tennessee St on Oct. 9, 2016

In July 2021, the United States Department of Labor reported that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 5.4%. The increase in consumer prices was the largest jump since August of 2008, when the housing market collapsed.

This rise has resulted in the price increase of many common goods, such as food and gasoline.

According to the Department of Agriculture (DOA), food prices have seen the largest increase due to rising inflation rates. The DOA reports that the price of restaurant purchases has increased on average 4.6% from last year, and food prices at the grocery store have increased 2.6% from last year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that bacon, coffee, eggs, whole milk and produce have seen the largest price increase in the national average.

Gasoline prices have also been affected by inflation. David Blackman, a financial reporter for Forbes magazine reports that the national price of gasoline has risen nearly one dollar per gallon from one year ago. The United States Energy Information Administration suspects that gasoline prices will continue to climb throughout the winter of 2021. 

Louren F Leorge

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